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Do you suffer from panic attacks, insomnia, phobias, psychosomatic symptoms or depression?

Do you have relationship problems, feel alone, helpless or lost the emotional contact with your children?

Don't give up. Together we will find solutions. Also over Skype. Contact me .

Therapy Ibiza / Counseller priorities Ibiza

  • Panic, anxiety and phobias (fear of flying or similar) (read more) Ibiza
  • Emotional distress with physical illnesses Ibiza
  • Stress reaction / adjustment disorder Ibiza
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (read more) Ibiza
  • Learning and performance disorders Ibiza
  • Stress, exhaustion and burnout Ibiza Stress, Relaxation
  • Communication difficulties Ibiza
  • Psychosomatic complaints Ibiza Psychosomatic
  • ADHD or ADD symptoms (read more)Ibiza
  • Self-esteem problems Ibiza

  • Drug AbuseIbiza

  • Depression (read more)therapeutic music Ibiza Ibiza Depression
  • Stalking IIbiza Stalking
  • Bullying (read more ) Ibiza Bullying
  • Trauma (read more) Ibiza Trauma

  • Mediation (Counselling) (read more)Ibiza Mediation Ibiza
  • Couples Therapy (read more) Ibiza Couple Counselling
  • Vision Work (read more) Ibiza Vision Work

Techniques used by me

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (read more) Ibiza DBT
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (read more) Ibiza CBT
  • Client-centered therapy Ibiza
  • Guided Affective Imagery Ibiza
  • Psychoeducation Ibiza
  • Relaxation techniques (Autogenic training, muscle relaxation) Ibiza autogenic training
  • Systemic and hypnotherapy techniques IbizaIbiza Hypnotherapy
  • Music Therapy (rm)therapeutic music Ibiza
  • Sandplay Ibiza Sandplay
  • EMDR Ibiza EDMR
  • NLP Ibiza NLP
  • CBT Ibiza CBT
Together we find new solutions for your situation and will overcome the pain.

Therapeutic Music - Effect on the Subconscious

Therapeutic Music


The profession of "psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker), and psychological counselor" oblige me to secrecy.


There are cooperations with other therapists who are specialized in various supportive therapies, such as "body-oriented therapies."


I do not have the permission to prescribe medications.


A consultation call to record the history and the psychopathological findings is free.

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